Posted: 02/10/2011 in News Design

During my twice-weekly drive from the country to the city it’s hard not to miss the homemade signs touting cars, land and chicken coops for sale. This roadside layout and design can be endearing.

This week I was treated to giant heart-shaped signs with messages like the tiny Valentine candy hearts (“Sweetie Pie, Be Mine) used to call attention to a shed vendor.

Homemade Tea Party signs dot the highways and backroads that connect Richmond to its rural roots. The ones that rant are wordy and difficult to read at 60 mph, especially when stenciled typography is used. But then there are some good ones.

This first is one of the best I have seen for it’s design and use of typography.

Color gets my attention, as with this alarmingly pukey gold sign. The message is clever but let’s face it the design is just bad, bad,  bad!


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