Layout in the Sudan…

Posted: 02/06/2011 in News Design

Check out the layout and color used in the Sudanese paper, Aljareeda. The layout is well done (remember the paper is read right to left.)

Notice where the ad is placed. What do you think of the placement of the cartoon next to the flag? Look at the typography and use of reverse type throughout the page.

We will be talking about color, so I chose this page particularly for its use of color and its “triadic” color scheme. I am counting at least six different colors but they are strategically picked from the color wheel. Notice how they are used in the heads and on the page. The colors are complimentary (located across from each other on the color wheel) so they work, although I may not have used so many.

Because I cannot read Arabic I am concentrating on the look of the page and where my eye is drawn. I believe the largest photo on the right draws you in and then takes you to the smaller photos to the left, which (again, I am guessing) are all part of the same protest story.

  1. Regarding that cartoon… check out the 2008 redesign of the Sunday Orlando Sentinel. They moved their editorial cartoon to the top of A1.

    A description is about a third of the way down this post:

    I hope this helps…