And speaking of headlines…

Posted: 01/26/2011 in News Design
While you were busy writing a State-of-the Union post, I found these headlines for you to consider. But please pardon my fonts. This WordPress theme needs tweaking.

Here’s the one from the original AP story:

Wal-Mart drops store plan near Va. Civil War site

Below is the message the Atlanta Journal Constitution twitted to readers as a link to the story.

Wal-Mart waves the white flag in fight over Civil War battlefield.

Which headline is better?

Do you think the second head lacks taste or is it an attention-getter with a good play on words?

  1. bkeulitt says:

    I like the creativity of the second headline but I really think that the first headline gives readers more of an idea of what actually happened. Wal- Mart didn’t fight over the battlefield itself but whether or not a store would be located near there.